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A Quick WearFigs Review

This article is a review of WearFigs.com, a medical apparel company and its major bestselling brands. The content is targeted towards prospective customers and the public in general; to create awareness on what is on sale currently and what sets the products apart from similar others in the market.

Who is WearFigs?

WearFigs Coupon CodeWearFigs is a medical wear company, formed a few years back to meet the demand for stylish medical attire, while still maintaining comfort and functionality. The company designs and creates trendy apparel; demystifying the existing conventional outlook of most medical clothing brands available in the market. Some of the striking features of Wear Figs apparel include their signature redefined shoulders and silhouettes, interesting practical pocket designs.

What are They Selling at WearFigs.com?

There are two categories of products under WearFigs.com; the Technical Collection and Life wear. The following are the items currently on sale at WearFigs.com; tee shirts, scrub tops and pants, life vests, fig clothing, super chill vests, long and short sleeves underscrubs and fleece. Both male and female apparel are available, in various sizes and colors to suit individual body types, tastes and preferences.

Best Sellers at WearFigs.com:

Below is  the top bestselling brands currently trending and available at WearFigs.com.

  • Rafaela

Rafaela scrub top

Rafaela is the latest scrub top creating a buzz in the women medical apparel market. The top sports a signature mandarin collar and is available in one color; black. The collar has interesting design with a one-button piece of material creatively hidden. In addition to the deep side welt pockets, this scrub top has a hidden pocket for safely keeping items such as keys. The Rafaela scrub top is made using FIONTECHNOLOGY fabric giving a soft, antimicrobial and wrinkle free feel to the top. Retailing at $38, the Rafaela is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes. The top can be easily paired with various types of scrub pants ranging from the basic ones, cargo scrub pants, skinny scrub pants and even jogger scrub pants; for an effortless chic look.

  • Casma

 Casma three-pocket scrub top

Casma is a well-tailored scrub top designed to flatter a woman’s silhouette. The striking feature of this top is its inclination towards a more modern outlook. The signature V-neck, side slit and back darted back beautifully combines into this figure defining and flattering scrub top. A plus for functionality are the 3 pockets in this scrub top; two at the front and one hidden on the inside. The use of FIONTECHNOLOGY fabric allows for moisture wicking and wrinkle resistant properties. Durability is enhanced by the double needle stitching technique employed. Available in shades of blue, black, grey, and purple. This Casma three-pocket scrub top comes with matching pants but can be alternatively worn with either cargo or skinny scrub pants for an edgy unique look.

  • Leon

Leon two-pocket scrub top

Leon is a brand of black scrub tops for men. This top features a simple design with a modern vibe. The top has a double-chest pocket; a big plus for utility and functionality. Again as all other Wear Figs apparel, Leon utilizes the FIONTECHNOLOGY fabric, and the result is a wrinkle resistant and moisture absorbing soft final product. Double stitching is employed for enhanced durability. The Leon two-pocket scrub top is accompanied by matching scrub pants. However for a more sophisticated look, this men’s scrub can be paired with cargo scrub pants or basic scrub pants for an effortless get-up.

  • Axim

Axim cargo scrub pants

Axim refers a product line of cargo scrub pants for men. The scrub pants employ the principle of Technical Comfort, which in essence balances comfort, design and technology. The pants have a signature straight legged design and seven pockets to maximize on storage capacity. Its elastic waistband is adjustable to all sizes and a great plus for comfort. Use of FIONTECHNOLOGY allows for moisture absorbing properties. In addition, the pants are anti-wrinkling and soft in texture. The Axim cargo scrub pants are available in deep royal blue color and can be easily worn with the matching Leon scrub top or the chisec 3-pocketed scrub top.

  • Ultra-cozy

Ultra-cozy lifewear

The ultra-cozy fleece is under the Wear Figs Life wear collection category. This product is mostly suited for wear during outdoor activities such as biking or hiking. Made out of soft fleece, the Ultra-cozy comes in handy during the cold season. Nylon piercing is incorporated along the sides and at the bottom hem for ease of mobility. For storage purposes, the Ultra-cozy fleece features 6 pockets thoughtfully distributed on the inside and outside parts; on the chest, side and sleeves. In addition, it has moisture absorption and stain repelling properties. This product is available in indigo color at a retail price of $80.

Why Should I Choose Wear Figs?

As indicated earlier, Wear Figs apparel provides a balanced mix of style, functionality, and comfort to medical clothing. It is also worth noting that WearFigs.com is a certified B-company, with a proven track record and recognition for giving back to marginalized communities. For every pair of scrubs sold, the company gives a scrub set to health care staff in dire areas of need across the world.

Bottom Line

Wear Figs medical apparel is the definition of athleisure. The various clothing items are created with a well balanced and thought out combination of; comfort, fashion, technology, quality and functionality, to meet your work and personal style needs at reasonable prices. Please use our WearFigs.com promo code below to get discount on fig clothing now.

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