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Intimina Coupon Code

An In-depth Review of

Women have special needs and requirements. Not everyone understands their daily struggles. But there are some who understand what they want more than anyone else. is the website that fulfills the special demands of the extraordinary women. They offer what no one does. Intimina provides more than what you can imagine. In this Intimina review, you’ll get to know them better.

Who is Intimina?

intimina promo codeINTIMINA is a Swedish brand that cares for every need of the women. They have a diverse range of products that are especially designed for the women’s intimate health. From first menses to the stage of menopause, they provide comforting products and complete information to the women to make these parts of life easy.

Every product at Intimina is made with complete medical research with the help from Medical Advisory Board. Initiated in 2009, Intimina products are now available and easily accessible for every woman around the globe.

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What Are They Selling at

Intimina is the expert in providing the best feminine products. Their product range includes three major intimate care areas of female health:

  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening Products:
    This line of products helps women to overcome or prevent disorders related to pelvic floor. Not only that, but it tones and tightens that sensitive area.
  • Menstrual Care Products:
    This product range offers complete confidence, proper hygiene and comfort during period that is the need of every girl at that time.
  • Intimate Wellbeing Line:
    This line includes products for the intimate wellbeing of women; they enhance intimacy and comfort.

Top Best Selling Products at

  • Lily Cups

intimina Lily Cup

Lily Cups are the new form of period protectors. They are super soft menstrual cups that are reusable and made from medical grade silicone. Lily cups don’t cause dryness like tampons, and instead of absorbing the flow, they collect it. They have the ability to get heavy flow of up to 12 hours. They have no odor and are hypoallergenic.

  • KegelSmart


KegelSmart™ offers an innovative way to perform Kegels. It works as your personal trainer that guides you to follow the best routine. Medical advisory board of pelvic health experts and gynecologist helped making it with great care. This simple device improves the strength of the pelvic floor muscle.

  • Kalia Couples’ Massager

Intimina Kalia Couples' Massager

Kalia is the flexible silicone, ultra soft couple massager that is made specifically to be worn by women during intercourse. Its light vibration increases the pleasure for both partners. It is fully waterproof. Kalia couples’s massager offers 6 vibration patterns with single button interface for easy control. It uses USB charging.

  • Celesse Personal Massager

INTIMINA Celesse Personal Massager

This personal massager is specially designed by keeping in mind the uniqueness of every woman. It has a curved massage point for better internal stimulation. It is coated in soft silicone that is safe for your body. Celesse has easy to use controls with 6 rhythmic modes having 16 speeds. It is made in a way that it definitely corresponds with the individual needs of every woman so that she can enjoy intimacy at full. It is FDA approved and body safe.

What Makes Intimina Different to Others?

Intimina is different from others in many ways. It is known for its unique products that are complete in every sense. They offer the best solution to all the women’s problems. They are safe to use and doesn’t produce any sort of allergic reaction. The quality of all their products is super. They offer discount at their first order as well.

A Few Intimina Reviews from Real Customers:

Here are some of customer reviews from online:

enwat from Amazon on INTIMINA Raya Personal Massager:

“The product works as it was intended. All the positive reviews were accurate. I think I made the right choice

CasaMargi from Amazon on INTIMINA Lily Cup:

“Never going back to tampons. First time trying any menstrual cup and I love this one; don’t feel it at all!”

Watch this video for more Intimina customer reviews about Lily Cup Compact:

Quick Reviews:

Let’s have a quick review of

Website Layout


Website is highly user friendly website with all the things properly placed. At the top bar of the website, options available are: About Us, What’s New, Products, Our Experts, Blog, Contact Us, Customer Care and Shop. At the end of the web pages, links to their social media network is present.

Shopping Processing

Intimina products can be directly ordered from their website worldwide. They deliver wherever you want. To buy anything, visit their e-shop area and put the item in your basket. Enter your details to complete your purchase. Along with that, they are also available at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Pharmaca, Target, Lucky Vitamin and Stress no more.

Orders & Shipping

A European managed factory in China manufactures their products. Orders are dispatched after two days of placing order. Shipment takes less than 5 days but it is dependent on your location. DHL or UPS is used for most deliveries. The shipping fee is decided by the number or weight of the products and is an independent of delivering country.

Customer Service

If you have any query related to their products, you can directly contact their customer service team. All your questions will be answered in no time. Just email them at

Online Support

You can contact them online by sending your queries at

Bottom Line

Intimina cares about women and knows what they want. They not only say it but prove it as well through their products. This Swedish brand has whole bunch of products that are specifically designed to fulfill women’s special needs. Their product line cares for every aspect of women’s intimacy. If you are a woman who wants to feel extraordinary then go for their products.

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Special Intimina Promo Code:

Special Intimina Promotions

Get 10% OFF all orders at

Special Intimina Promotions

Get 10% OFF all orders at

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