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An In-depth Review of E-first aid Supplies

Everyone has that one memory of needing a quick band-aid or cutting himself or herself and wishing they had a first aid supply near. If one does not have such a memory, either they had a first aid kit in close quarters or they are just lucky. First aid kits are important for home and sports use among other places. At home, the kit comes in handy to treat injuries in case medical assistance takes long. Citing this dire need for a first aid kit, e-first aid kit suppliers have made the hustle of purchasing one less hectic. Below is a review of e-first aid suppliers.

 Who is E-first aid Supplies?

e-first aid Supplies CouponFieldtex Products Inc. is the company behind the e-first aid Supplies website. The family-owned company started in 1973 and has been in the manufacture and supply of first aid products ever since. In 2002, the company purchased the e-firstaidsupplies.com website to allow easier supply to online buyers. Fieldtex Company essentially provides first aid supplies, bandages, cold packs, medical supplies, first aid kits for home sports and even military uses.

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What Are They Doing at e-firstaidSupplies.com?

The Fieldtex Company divides into a supply and manufacture segments which complement each other. The e-first aid suppliers, therefore, facilitate the supply of kits worldwide on their website. The kits designs cater for home purposes, sports, and other instances. The website offers the options of first aid kits the company offers and a mode of purchasing them.

How It Works

The e-first aid Supplies website (www.e-firstaidsupplies.com) displays the myriad of first aid kits offered by the company. The website also offers the prices and a purchase option for various customers across the globe. They offer to ship within three business days’ with exceptions on the high volume orders. Their extensive array of first aid supplies and the shipping options ensure that the client enjoys convincing while purchasing from e-first aid.

Why Should I Choose e-first aid Supplies?

With time comes experience and Fieldtex has had time to ensure their products match up to their standard. Fieldtex Company has an extensive supply of first aid supplies for the various scenarios. Their kits are well stocked and of high-quality standards. The e-first aid Supplies website offers the extensive array of first aid kits both for professional use and home use hence the convince. The option of free shipping on products purchases above fifty dollars is another attractive prospect.

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e-first aid Supplies coupone-first aid Supplies Clearance Section:

Save Up to 25% OFF on First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies + Free Shipping over $50 at e-firstaidSupplies.com!

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What Makes e-first aid Supplies Different from Other Companies?

The Fieldtex Company is adept at creating convenience while purchasing the first aid supplies from their website. The quantity and quality ensure that the client never lacks a suiting product. The products range from high to low prices, which cater for the low budget clients. The variety of first aid supplies on the website offers both professional and home-suited emergency kits for the client’s convenience. These among other qualities make e-first aid Supplies an excellent choice for purchasing emergency kits.

A Few e-first aid Supplies Customer Reviews from Actual Customers:

The quality of service delivery for e-first aid Supplies is evident in many customer reviews.

“Promptly received order, all errors immediately resolved at no charge to me. Great business, recommend to everyone!”

these are the thoughts of Althea Tetrault on e-firstaidsupplies.com Facebook page. The reviews make it plain to understand why the products on e-firstaidsupplies.com are endearing. Other reviews on the Fieldtex company products second this claim that the company provides quality products.

“I am able to use this product as often as I need too. Was given to me after cataract surgery,” says Ann Dilbeck.

These are but two of the many reviews written by satisfied customers of Fieldtex Company.

Quick e-firstaidsupplies.com Reviews:

Website Layout

e-first aid Supplies review

The e-first aid Supplies website tends to the objective and its design makes this apparent. The website offers links to the various products and is generally a purchase-oriented website. Despite this, the website is user-friendly and offers links to the various Fieldtex products. Information on the website includes the products description, prices, and purchase links for the products. The simplicity of the website offers convenience to the customer while purchasing the products.

Shopping Processing

The website designed has it that the home page displays the various first aid kit products. At the top of the page are various links to specific products the client may wish to purchase. However, one requires signing into the website in order to purchase the various products. After doing this one may go on to click on the products, they wish to purchase for them to access the purchase page. Clicking on the first aid product adds it automatically to the shopping cart and one may view the specifications.

Booking & Payment

After logging onto the website, the information collected includes the various purchase methods. The e-first aid Supplies website offers various online payment methods including Master card and Visa among others. After clicking on the “Add to Cart” link one can then check out and finalize the purchase. After making the payments shipping happens within three working days with exception of high volume products. Some products take hours for shipping the in cases of local purchases.

Customer Service

E-first aid Supplies an efficient way of creating quality first aid products spills over even to their service delivery. Fieldtex Products Inc. ensures that the products are of quality standard and return of any faulty products is at no cost to the client. The Fieldtex Products Inc. also ensures that the client receives their products in time with free shipping for products above fifty dollars. The website also offers various options for contacting their personnel in case of quarries.

Online Support

In spirit of good business, e-first aid Supplies provide various ways of getting in touch with them. The website displays the various email address for the departments in the Fieldtex Company. The company also has a phone line, which allows the client to receive answers to their query directly. The blog website also serves to lend the client with useful information in case they need it.

How to Order at e-firstaidsupplies.com?

After loading onto the website, one requires creating a user account to purchase any product on the website. The information includes the personal information like location and name, which enables shipping arrangements. The website has various categories of first aid supplies on the task bar at the top of the page. Clicking on these shows the various first aid supplies and the customer can then choose their preferred packs. To add the specific item to the cart click on it and then click on the “Add to Cart” link on the purchase page. The purchase page allows the customer to view the item’s specifications for their convenience. After choosing their preferred items and adding, them to the cart one can check out and pay via online money transfer. Shipping is free for the products above fifty dollars.

e-first aid Supplies Review – Bottom Line

The possibility of injury dogs every step of man and having safety precautions only reduces this danger. A first aid kit comes in handy at any time, therefore, having one in close proximity is wise. E-first aid Supplies not only provide quality kits the also do it on a worldwide scale. The reduced prices and shipping arrangements offer convenience to their customers. Having a first aid kit s good but acquiring a quality kit conveniently is even better.

Latest e-first aid Supplies Coupon Code:

e-first aid Supplies coupone-first aid Supplies Clearance Section:

Save Up to 25% OFF on First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies + Free Shipping over $50 at e-firstaidSupplies.com!

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